This hurricane Sandy reaching New York has brought me back my fascination for this city. And if you add to that the attraction of a hurricane I have all i need to write this.

Here I just will put some links to pages I visit as I try to gather information. This post is mainly for my personal use but anyone can read it too.

Here is a link to a map where you can see evacuation zones:


I am also reading of course so obvious sites as http://www.nyt.com

Some of the Zemanta related links can be also interesting.

I also have found a link to Hurricane SANDY Public Advisory:


About the transport and alerts I have found this link of MTA:

http://alert.mta.info/ I read that closing start on Sunday 7 pm. The underground will be closed, no buses and so on.  This seems so exceptional.

At http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/ one can see Times Square live from a webcam.


A N Y 1 0

New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street in New ...

If I am not wrong this flag was not there before 2001

In Catalan we say ANY for YEAR. So ANY 10 would mean something like 10th year. I have chosen this name for this post because it is 10 years since the attack to the twin towers and I like to use the Catalan word ANY instead of YEAR because the word ANY contains NY …

So it is 10 years since the attack and in Catalonia it is also a bank holiday as it happened on that tragic day. September 11th, Onze de Setembre, is also a very special day for Catalonia. And it goes back to 1714.

Anyway, it is 10 years since that tragic day and I wanted to show, as I did 10 years ago, my support to the US people. It is obvious that the US is not a perfect country (I’m thinking about torture and Guantánamo) but just looking at other countries like China or Russia I feel quite happy of the existence of this old democracy.


Lower Manhattan

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First of all, let me tell that the flat required is not for THE.CAT but for a person in need.

The price of the flat is not problem and the payment can be made inmediately and in cash.

The upmost luxe and discretion is required.

Payments will also made for any inconvenience caused while lodging.


Looking north inside 79th Street Boat Basin Ca...

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Anyone who has been in Barcelona may have notice that the buildings of Antoni Gaudí are full of curves: the roof of Casa Batlló, the façade of La Pedrera, the famous bench of Park Güell.

But when you think of New York curves are not easy to see. Guggenheim Museum may be an exception.

But if you look carefully you can find the curves of Catalan architect Rafael Guastavino. There is an article in The New York Times talking about him and his works in NY: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2011/05/01/nyregion/20110501GUASTAVINOss.html