There is a recent article in the WSJ talking about the possible breakup of Spain. I am surprised by how much information about what is going on here can be read in the international media. I have read the article and it summarises what happens here more or less quite well:



Imagine that THE.CAT declares itself a new state. I know this sounds crazy but imagine I do. What could happen next?

Well, I imagine that nobody would care so although THE.CAT would want to declare itself independent that would not change anything.

So my conclusion is that for THE.CAT to succeed declaring itself as a new state I would need others to recognise me.

Imagine that my current state does not recognise me. It tells me that I belong to it for eternity  and that I cannot decide for myself.

Imagine, however, that the rest of states recognise me. If that happened then it is obvious that the problem would be not mine but that of the state that would remain alone not recognising my independence.

Needless to say that THE.CAT does not want to declare itself an independent state. I would have not enough money to open any embassy and it would be too much for THE.CAT to be the president of the new state, the lawyer of the new state, the voter of the new state, the demonstrator of the new state, the beggar of the new state. The policeman of the new state. The soldier of the new state. The singer of the new state. I would be too much busy. Maybe that is one of the reasons why few people declare themselves its own state. Too much trouble.

Imagine now that THE.CAT has heard some people they want to create their new state. As I see that myself it is going to be impossible to create my own state I could join them. Things look simple this way but it happens that while you try to build this new state people from the current state try to stop you by all means. Should I surrender then and do nothing and let win the ones who do not respect the creation of my own castle and want me to play in their own castle.

Should I surrender to Spain or should I help Catalonia to create a new state? Who should I listen to? Those that want me to remain with them threatening me or to join those who now finally imagine a state where finally the languages are seing as something positive?

Should I remain with the ones who want to force me to be part of them or should I join those who want people to be free to decide their future? Should I be true to the ones who live in my town, my county or even in my beautiful Barcelona or should I be with those who live quite far from me? Should I accept to be a slave of people in Madrid?

I like to visit Madrid. I love Madrid. As I love Paris or London. But as I do not want to be ruled from Buenos Aires neither do I wan to be ruled from Madrid. One thing is to share a language and another is to accept a forced marriage.

I hope one day Madrid thinks why so many parts of the once Spanish empire have at some point wanted independence. If Spain gives its back to an independent Catalonia we have people from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Costa Rica, Cuba, etc to talk to. We do not need Spain to speak Castilian! At least not this Spain!


The oldest paintings of Europe  are currently the only paintings you can still find in what used to be called Europe. The rest of European art was all given to the king of Morocco so that he finally allowed  Europeans flee  back to the land of their ancient ancestors.

Uganda, 2015

If somebody had told me back in 2012 that three years later I would be in Kampala writing a post about the causes of the collapse of the euro I would be thinking that they were just making a joke of an article that I wrote about that time.

Yes, there was a time in 2012 when I was still living in Europe. At that time to live in Europe was a kind of privilege and only a crazy European would have changed Europe for Uganda.

In any case I am not going to write here about how I had to end in Uganda. I just want to point out the ones who were, perhaps, behind the collapse of the euro.

ANGELA MERKEL. A lot has been written these last years about the accountability of Angela Merkel for the collapse of the euro. I imagine that in the future a lot will be written too. In any case it is obvious that she was one of the most powerful people in Europe so maybe she did something wrong. Was she too slow? Whatever her blame I just find unfair that some people in Europe want to put her in jail. She maybe made mistakes and now maybe I am in Uganda for her mistakes but I do not think it is fair she should go to jail.

THE FINANCIAL TIMES. Some people say that the real cause of the collapse of the euro were just the articles of the Financial Times. Some say that the collapse of the euro was cooked next to a FT newspaper. Some also blame the people behind the WSJ.

VLADIMIR PUTIN. Since the collapse of the European Union it is obvious that the Russian Federation has become again a powerful state were lots of hungry people in Europe look for some help. So, as Russia is now very influential from Vladivostock to Lisbon some say that it was Vladimir Putin the one behind the collapse of the euro. Well, I do not know if he was behind the collapse of the euro but I have no doubt that if in 2012 Russia had had a president in love with democratic ideals he would have been more supportive of the EU and so of the eurozone.

BARACK OBAMA. As the president of the big superpower some people say that if the euro collapsed was because the US wanted it. Some say that the euro could have threatened the international appeal of the dollar. Well, maybe it was true that some forces in the US were against the euro but I think that Obama maybe was not with them.

SYRIZA. Some say that all went really wrong after Syriza won the Greek elections. Well, it is true that Syriza was not good for the survival of the euro but I think we should ask ourselves why so much Greek people voted Syriza. Why Europe did not do more so that Greek pensioners even took their own lives as austerity was killing the hopes of the Greek?

SPAIN. As Spain was the fourth largest economy of the eurozone some say that it was the collapse of Spain that brought the collapse of the euro. I know this is very much supported by people who used to live where I used to live back in 2012. In fact there are even people who blame where I used to live for the collapse of the euro.

CATALONIA. Yes. Strange as it may seem there are a few people who used to live in a town called Madrid that blame Catalonia for the collapse of the euro. They strangely agree with people from Catalonia that it was Spain fall that brought the fall of the euro. But they say that Catalonia was the responsible for Spain to fall. I imagine they just say that because people in a town that was called Barcelona used to blame Spain for all disgraces too.

So, you see, these are some of the ones that I have heard that could be blamed for the collapse of the euro. I think I found an answer to who really was behind the collapse. As I was in a hurry to Morocco to cross the Gibraltar Strait before Morocco was closing it I saw a wall in Granada that said: “ENTRE TODOS LA MATARON Y ELLA SOLA SE MURIÓ”. So, between all, they kill the euro currency. And it died on its own.

Well, I have to end here. In some hours the government of Kampala is giving its weekly help to all the Europeans that stay in this very crowded refugee camp. I never thought in 2015 that I would be living in Uganda in a refugee camp just called Euro. I hope that when I return back to the Euro refugee camp this evening – I am currently writing from a recent  refugee camp called Dollar – well, I hope we can have a quiet night. Most of the nights we quarrel in the Euro refugee camp as we blame each other for being in this refugee camp. I always try to bring calm to people around me by saying: STOP QUARRELING. WE SHOULD BE HAPPY. AT LEAST WE WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO ESCAPE EUROPE. And it works. When people imagine how Europe is nowadays they fell immensely fortunate to be in this refugee camp in Kampala. Even if they have to share one bed with other 16 people from Europe. The more optimistic they are even talking even of creating a new currency just for the Euro refugee camp …

In any case I want to give thanks to the Ugandan government to offer European this refugee camp. And last but not least I want to thank the possibility of using internet to write this post. I know that nobody will be able to read this post in Europe as there has been no internet for years in what used to be called Europe but I just hope this post can be read by future archeologists.